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The Greater Cranston Chamber of Commerce is a nonprofit organization serving the business community of Cranston and surrounding areas. Our mission is to provide access to needed resources and the opportunity for businesses to succeed, grown, and thrive. The Chamber seeks to attract and promote businesses to prosper in the City of Cranston by providing economic development initiatives, business specialized benefit packages, access to current data, advertising and promotional opportunities referrals, and a forum to  discuss the economy, networking, and advocacy on issues affecting the business community

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 The Greater Cranston Chamber of Commerce is comprised of people who realize that through the Chamber of Commerce, they can accomplish collectively what no individual can do alone. The Chamber is the voice of the business and professional community. The strength of the Chamber lies within its members-a collection of resources from which ideas and energy are drawn. We encourage you to volunteer today to make a difference in our community! 

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We appreciate your partnership with the Chamber and whether you help through monetary donations, hosting a networking event, volunteering your time, or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, thank you. We couldn't accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you. 

Chamber News

Cranston 500 Membership Race!

Automobile Road Race on what is now the Stadium Area of Cranston


Our goal is to grow the Greater Cranston Chamber of Commerce to 1000 members.To achieve this goal, we are launching the first phase of our Membership/Retention drive with the Cranston 500 Race, which highlights our city’s rich racing heritage.

  The Narragansett Park Speedway that was located at the current site of the Cranston Stadium, was the first paved, banked race track in the United States of America. It was formerly a horse trotters park created by the Sprague family.

We strongly believe that having a vibrant, engaged business community allows us to have an impact in many areas, particularly on having our voice heard on healthcare costs, energy costs, tax reform and various legislative issues. We were instrumental in passing several key healthcare bills to stabilize the health insurance market for the small business community but your help is necessary.

 Please join online today and let us know if there are any issues you are facing that we can be assistance on! 

Stephen C. Boyle, President


Networking-Growing your Business


Our philosophy has changed with regard to networking. Most monthly networking events to a large degree are what we call "Confetti Marketing"  For the most part they lack a focus and attending with the hope of making contacts is like throwing bits of paper in the air.. You attend because you feel you should but never seem to make a valid connection to sell your product or services.  Your time is valuable and we recognize that so we are changing to more results oriented events We are in the process of putting together two networking efforts that we believe will have a positive impact on our members ability to grow their businesses. First and foremost we exist to serve our members therefore we feel its important to showcase their businesses.

We will be resuming our Chamber Connections Coffee Networking events to be hosted by a sponsoring member. This will allow our members to showcase their business and facility-to really demonstrate what they do and what customers they are looking for. If your interested in hosting a Chamber Connections Coffee Hour please email us from our contact us page. 

We are very pleased to announce P.R.I.D.E (Professional Results in Delivering Excellence). P.R.I.D.E will be a a referral networking group with the sole aim to work as a group to develop business within the group. Membership will be limited to one professional category. The maximum number of members will be 20 with a structured format for each meeting. If your interested in joining our group or forming a chapter in another city please contact us at 

401-785-3780 or email the chamber from the contact us page.

New Members


Thank you for joining the Greater Cranston Chamber of Commerce!

Sinapi Insurance Associates, Inc

16 Swan Court

Cranston, RI 02921

Baycoast Bank

85 Sockanosset Cross Road

Cranston, RI 02920

Springbrook Power Washing

P.O. Box 2171

Westerly, RI 02891

For Eyes

4000 Chapel View BLVD

Cranston, RI

Arbor Associates

95 Sockanossett Cross Road, Ste 201

Cranston, RI 

Jean Martin Insurance, Inc.

897 Reservoir Avenue

Cranston, RI 02910

Sprint by Experts Choice

791 Reservoir Avenue

Cranston, RI 02910

Merrill Lynch

Cranston, RI 02920

Reduce your Healthcare costs with MDLIVE Telemedicine



Take Control Over Your Healthcare … With Wellness Call

The “call before you go” to a doctor service that can save you thousands a year.


Our members have no cost to talk to a doctor about a cold, a flu, a rash, or aches and pains.  There is no charge to prescribe medicine.  Plus, there is no copay for asking a doctor for advice.  So other than paying for your medicine, there is no charge.  No gimmicks.

Why?  Because we think waiting for an hour to see a doctor, being charged $50 or more for a copay, all so you can get antibiotics, which you knew you needed when you walked in….is unnecessary in today's age of instant communication.

Our doctors give care and advice to hundreds of thousands of patients a year.  And with over 2,700 doctors covering all 50 states, you are never far away from help.

We work whether you have insurance or not, and we have $0 copay for consultations for our active members. 

Our team is on standby, waiting for your call.  Our average response time involving a doctor is 10 minutes.  After the first time you use the service….you will wonder why you waited to join.

Doctors and treatments are a phone call away.

You must enter GCCC when joining for the Activation Code

Chamber to Offer Small Business Loans


After talking to many small businesses we realized there is still a substantial need for financing and access to capital. 

We are pleased to announce that we are a Direct Referral Partner with ONDECK Small Business Lending and we have established a network of local referral partners as well. Our intention is not to compete with our banking partners but to provide alternative sources if need be. 

Our staff has over 30 years or more of banking and mortgage lending experience to help you navigate the loan process.

If your business has a need for additional capital please contact: 

Steve Riley at 401-742-1975


Alternative Income/Credit Programs

No Tax Return Programs

Merchant Loan Programs

Investment Property Financing

SBA Loan Programs

or call the Chamber directly at

 401-785-3780 or email President 

Stephen C. Boyle at sboyle@greatercranstonchamberofcommerce.org

We Have Issues! Seminar Series


Most businesses today are facing many of the same problems i.e cyber security, utilizing social media, access to capital, increasing sales, controlling costs, etc. Unfortunately we found that many times the seminars are too general to be effective for the small business owner. For example, everyone knows we need to be using social media but what platforms really work and once you have them how do I do utilize the analytics or insights?  How do I handle social media as a one person shop? 

Our goal is to develop a hands-on practical seminar series that will actually benefit the business owner.

Suggested Topics:

Social Media-Now what do I do?

Cybersecurity: What do I do if I've been hacked and how to prevent it.

Healthcare: Controlling your costs

So tell us what other challenges you are facing by emailing us from the contact us page.